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Web Design and Development

Websites That Work

ECommerce, On-line Business Portals, Blogs, Educational, Industrial, Commercial,
Aerospace, Health Care, Science and Technology, Database intensive installations.

Custom Development and Programming in open and closed platforms:
Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Adobe Business Catalyst, DotNetNuke, AmeriCommerce, BigCommerce

Does your website explain what you do? or
What benefit your clients are going to get?

An effective company online Business Portal (Website):

  • Educates
  • Builds credibility
  • Has visual appeal
  • Works intuitively
  • Produces measurable results

The first impression of your company and your website has the potential to convert leads into prospects, and prospects into clients. An effective company website is discovered before your competitors’ websites and utilizes Branding Strategies, cementing User Loyalty and confirming your Company’s Credibility.

Vortex will integrate your vision with your web-based marketing plan and drive more traffic to your site.
By turning traffic into sales, we can ultimately Turn Your Website Into a Cash Machine™.

Web Design Portfolio


Search Engine Optimization/ PPC Advertising

SEO-Doing it Right the first Time

The Organic Rank that your website shows up in a Google Search can make the difference in
Profit and Loss for your Business every Week, Quarter and Fiscal Year.
SEO is NOT Optional, nor is it to be messed around with.

If you are creating your website from scratch with Vortex Business Solutions;
Rest assured your SEO will be done right.  We use best Practices.
If we are updating or tweaking your existing site, we will bring it up to web standards.

Here is a Test:
Google your company name and press images.
If the first page is NOT just images from your site… Your SEO is NOT done correctly.

Question: What page are you on when doing a local generic term search for your business?
According to the principals of the Golden Triangle, 90% of viewers see the top 3 listings.
only 10% of viewers will see the listing on the bottom of page 1!

Bottom line: Do you want to be in the top 3 position for your most searched on key Phrase?

If yes, CALL Jonathan at 319.621.0191 now for a FREE consultation.


Vortex is a Certified Google Engage Agency with 17+ Years of Experience in Online Advertising!

90% of internet users utilize search engines such as Google when looking for new products or services.
We make it our goal to get your company the best Organic Rankings to ensure that you are seen by those looking for your services.

Pay Per Click: Ready to Accelerate?

PPC, also known as Pay Per Click, is a form of online advertising designed to drive web users to your website location.
Google has announced that professional PPC Advertising increases your website’s SEO and places you above organic search results. To increase your web traffic, our PPC team will set up your campaign, help you set your budget and give you your first $100 free!


App Development | Mobile Compliance

The Mobilized Experience: Accessible Anywhere

Do you know which devices, platforms, browsers and operating system your target demographic is using?

Desktop PCs, iMacs, Laptops, iPads, Tablets, iPhones, Droids, Blackberrys?
Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer?
400 x 600  or  2560 x 1900 ?

The Answer: ALL of them…

Today’s Websites, Ecommerce and online Business Portals, must be Responsive and Adaptive to your content.

Custom Branded Applications…

Mobile apps are custom-branded applications, downloaded and installed on mobile devices via the Apple (iOS devices) and GooglePlay (Android) App Stores. Although some content is similar to your website, mobile apps are designed to be more interactive, utilizing interactive functions like one-touch phone calling, GPS, camera, reservations, ordering and loyalty coupon verification. With your app, you can send messages which appear at a specified time on your the appholders’ mobile device screen.


Our Mobile App Services include:

  • Customized App Demo
  • App Build-out including Customized Graphics
  • Apple/Android Compliancy
  • Password-Protected App Platform Access with Unlimited Push Notifications and Unlimited App Downloads
  • App Platform Training and Implementation
  • 1 Hour App Marketing Consultation for App Implementation

Call us today to Design a Free App Demo for your Business
Or Update Your Site for Complete Mobile Compliance.



Social Media Marketing

Create Massive Value with Attraction Based Marketing!

Attraction based marketing means your company website is easily found by prospects, however optimizing your online presence involves more than having a visually appealing website.

Vortex will:

  • Make Your LinkedIn Profile Unique & Visible to Your Market
  • Optimize Your YouTube Channel to Be More Visible to Your Market
  • Set Up Your Google+ Page and Link Your Social Media Platforms

We install Google Analytics on all sites and carefully monitor where your traffic is coming from.
If you don’t measure where your results are coming from, how can you turn your marketing and advertising budget into an effective investment that returns the one goal of your business?

Which is: To Find and Keep Customers.

Making money is a side effect of this goal!


Visual Solutions

Share Your Vision with the World

We live in a society that is habituated to seeing imagery.
Story telling with visual media creates an emotional bond with clients and prospects.

By incorporating relevant imagery and embedding video media,
you will create a lasting impression.

Professional Design: Make-up, Hair styling and Green Screen-Chroma Key available.

At Vortex, imaging professionals with decades of real world commercial experience help businesses share their vision to increase their market share.

Commercial Photography: Executive Portraits, Model Portfolios, Product Photography,Glamour, Green Screen-ChromaKey
Video Production: Studio and Location, Documentary film production, Instructional Video

Vortex Youtube Channel      |      Jonathan David Sabin Photography Profile      |      Infinity Photographic

Jonathan David Sabin Youtube Channel


Business Consulting

Do You Have All the Tools and Acumen to Achieve Your Goal?

Business operations, advertising, and marketing have changed significantly in the last 30 years. What customers want, what they expect, and how we deliver goods has shifted as well.

Developing an excellent customer service model and delivering your first class product in the most efficient and timely manner is expected in today’s marketplace.

Every great goal worth attaining takes strategic planning. Distinguishing your assets from your liabilities is a crucial part of the process!

Success is the progressive realization of your goals, but success is not a destination… it’s about the ride.

How’s your ride?

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