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6 Month Flight Plan SEO


6 Month Plan + Google Ads (+$1,500)

Month 1: Where We Are (Full Price) $750

  • Initial Reporting including site audit, backlink audit, and traffic Analytics
  • Set up major Google functions (Search Console, Analytics, Data studio)
  • Compile keywords from client’s website and clients
  • Compile list of necessary Technical SEO and Backlinks for Disavow
  • Set Key KPIs for the future
  • Start Competitive Analysis reporting
  • *(If Ads package begin setting up ad account and run preliminary ads. Includes SEMRush Ads reports, Ads History, PPC campaigns report, etc)

Month 2: Where We’re Going (Full Price) $650

  • Focus on rewriting necessary content
  • Adjusting technical aspects of site
  • Begin link building campaigns
  • Compile list of issues from SEMRush reports
  • Discuss social media needs if needed
  • *(Refining the ads as needed)

Month 3: Finishing Touches (Full Price) $650

  • Continue to fix content and monitor site traffic
  • Run a Google Ads campaign to drive traffic to site
  • Analyze existing data to determine what’s working and what’s not working

Month 4: Touch Base and Review (Half Price) $250

  • See what’s working with the client
  • Go over data from Google Analytics, see if we’ve met conversion goals and KPIs
  • Continue to implement new ideas, pages, sites, Google ads, and social media as needed

Month 5: Monitor and Adjust (Half Price) $250

Month 6: Monitor and Adjust (Half Price) $250


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