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Vortex offers site audits for a fixed fee predicated on site size

In this audit we cover:

  • Research and Development
    • To determine the Depth/Specifications of the audit
  • Strategic Planning:
    • in-depth functional site analysis and overview
    • Complete list of forms, content, PDF’s, images, total page numbers.
    • Recommendations for functionality improvement.
    • Content performance testing.
    • Content gap analysis.
    • Summation of analysis, options for site functionality upgrades as a deliverable.
    • Project Management considerations.
    • Scope of Work Preparation
  • Server Set Up
    • Team Vortex will make a recommendation as to the most efficacious CMS to support the updated design and functionality and interface with the Portal
  • SEO
    • Search Engine Analysis and Rankings
    • Rankings, inbound links, domain authority, recommendations for Keyword Pool Gathering, Keyword Rankings and time for a complete Meta Tag re-write and update
  • Responsive/Mobile compliancy across all devices
    • Test mobile server speed analysis
  • User Experience Testing (UX)/Modification
    • Usability Testing, Optional: Heat map Testing and analysis To foster intuitive, ergonomic site design /wire framing.
    • Recommendations for visual impact and support, photography, media, video.
  • Wireframing
    • Wire Frame and Navigation Analysis and Recommendations
  • Site Traffic Analysis
    • Traffic sources, top referral sources, bounce rate, time on site, conversations rates
  • Branding Strategies
    • To determine the Depth/Specifications of the audit
    • To determine content and messaging priorities, what works on the site, what they would like to see, improvement recommendations.
    • Seek guidance from Principals and Advisers regarding their target demographic and client goals
    • Prepare recommendations for the content, UX and visual upgrades/integrations

Please call us at 319.354.0019 to discuss your website audit needs.


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