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Vortex Digital | Iowa City Web Design Since 1996

Vortex Digital Business Solutions Winner of the 2020 CBJ Best Website Developer in the Corridor.
Winner of four 2020-2021 Graphic Design USA Awards.

There is no substitute for Experience.

Our principal, Jonathan David Sabin has been in Advertising, Marketing, IT and Visual Communications since 1973 and web design in Iowa City since 1996.

Our Art Director, Molly Martin Reeser has worked in Graphic Design for Print and Digital since the 1980’s.

Vortex Digital has three full time local Web Developers in Iowa City with degrees in computer science and web design from the University of Iowa and Kirkwood.  These developers have been with us for 7 to 9 years and are adept at cutting edge web development and design strategies

We are among the most experienced web designers in Iowa City and Coralville with 25 years of hands-on web development. We have worked with 100 + corporations in many different industries, such as Big Ag, Fintech, Industrial and Commercial construction, Real Estate and Ecommerce.

We know exactly how to make your website reflect the values and goals of your business. Our process ensures that your website will be on par with the best in your industry, by being strategically designed and wire-framed, pleasing to the eye, functional and having an excellent User eXperience.

Our job is to create a Lead Generating Sales Machine that performs and is targeted towards your ideal clients. Your website is your online business portal, it should look and feel like your Brand and reflect your genuine benefit driven offering. We specialize in creating stunning, effective and responsive web designs in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Coralville and beyond.

Web design can be a complex and time consuming process. That’s why, we at Vortex Digital pride ourselves on using our time tested strategies to make the process as simple and actually enjoyable as possible. The process of Web Development often helps even our most sophisticated clients examine and review their brand and marketing strategies to view them in a new light.

Every image and word must be crafted to reflect your highest vision.
This can only be accomplished through custom design and the an impeccable attention to detail.

Google has stated that a well designed, easy to navigate site is one of the biggest factors for organic page rankings. Vortex Digital uses best practices to optimize your pages for Google’s search engine and make sure your customers can access the right information, at the right time, in the right way. We dive deeply into the heart of your passion and relentlessly pursue the highest levels of design, SEO, and SEM best practices.

Looking for local, extensively experienced web designers in Iowa City?
You have come to the right place.

We are Vortex Digital Business Solutions.
We would be honored to help bring your vision to the world stage.

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The Vortex team has been terrific to work with! We are very pleased with our new website. Jonathan & his team are very knowledgeable and have great ideas for our business. We would highly recommend Vortex to anyone needing website and business solutions.”

Michelle Lamkins, J and J Real Estate

When people see my site they gush about how beautiful it is!

They say it looks like YOU! And that’s because I had the Vortex team hold my hand throughout the process and I came to them with great advice from Jonathan Sabin about what to bring to the table. It made my site reflect me! And I love it too.”

Dr. Tanya English, Quantum Healing


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44 High Circle Drive NE
Iowa City, IA USA

1120 Depot Ln, Ste 100
Cedar Rapids, IA USA

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Vortex Digital Business Solutions Iowa City Cedar Rapids Web Design Development Locations

Reputation Management

Introduce your business in a professional manner on the digital marketplace, managing online reviews, and placing relevant information on aggregators.

Social Media

Vortex does all the admin work for you by creating email marketing accounts and automating your organic social media posts. These tools allow Vortex to implement long term marketing strategies with reduced project management costs and increased ROI w/o overpaying for digital marketing!

Email Marketing

Vortex creates email templates and devises the most effective methodology to deliver email marketing to your audience. We use best practice techniques to help retain your readers long term.

On-Board SEO

SEO is the process of increasing a site’s visibility and ranking in organic search results. Websites that have well-developed SEO easily convey what they’re all about to Google, resulting in higher rankings in search results.

Pay Per Click Advertising

In-depth market research to develop keyword lists and write unique copy that helps your business get ROI on search engine advertising.

Analytics Analysis

An in-depth report with statistics outlining weekly results of advertising, website traffic, bounce rates, and more! Vortex also prepares a unique executive report summarizing your results.

Bronze Package

$297 Per Month*

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Diamond Package

$1497 Per Month*

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Gold Package

$1097 Per Month*

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Silver Package

$797 Per Month*

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