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The Challenge: Veronica of Jacobsen Staging came to Vortex seeking to align the look of her website with that of her work; polished and minimalistic. When professionally staging homes, Veronica must pay attention to the smallest of details, and here at Vortex we work to give that same attention to website design and SEO practices. Working with clients like Veronica from Jacobsen Staging is always a joy, and we are thrilled to see her vision brought to life in the form of her new website.

The Process: At Vortex, we love to see our clients immersed in the work they are so passionate about. Veronica showcased her staging with a modern condo and Jonathan and his assistant took stunning interior design photos for her portfolio and new website. Check out the results of our collaboration here.

The Result: A beautiful, responsive, custom made website that aligns with Jacobsen Staging’s minimalistic-chic aesthetic. Working with business owners like Veronica is always so rewarding, because she came to us with a clear vision, and we were able to provide the resources to turn that vision into reality!

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The Challenge: Creating a website that demonstrates the technical experience and expertise of the client with an emphasis on visuals over text.

The Process:Utilizing eye-catching imagery, colors and overall design, robust portfolio search capabilities and testimonials.

The Result: A visually stunning website that uses original photography to instill authenticity, professionalism and expertise in the industrial engineering field.

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Extensive Product Database | Beautiful Custom Design

The Challenge: Integrating and differentiating between 8 divisions of agricultural, resale, and wholesale products while illustrating the multi-generational history and values of their business.

The Process: Compiling 8 micro-sites and combining a custom sales territory map with a product search option, team member integration, equipment inventory, and online contact & application forms.

The Result: A mobile compliant, streamlined hub of multidimensional information, highlighting the Fortune5000 company’s long family history and wide range of world-class services.

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Social Media Sharing Integration | Stunning Custom Visual Design

The Challenge: To inspire residential and commercial customers to inquire King’s wide range of landscaping, concrete, masonry, and bricklaying services.

The Process: Combining custom imagery, visual aids and a direct line of communication with an interactive map and project planning feature, a section for materials and commercial visitors, and spec sheets for designers, architects and contractors.

The Result: A world-class, mobile-compliant website that informs and inspires users to learn more.

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Parallax Design | Product Catalog and Gallery

The Challenge: Creating a visually sound, informative multi-page site that caters to agricultural workers while inspiring visitors to go through Schumacher for their equipment needs.

The Process: Combining Multi-Page WordPress Installation with custom Javascript maps; parallax, responsive and mobile friendly design; and a product catalog featuring a customized image gallery.

The Result: A beautiful, clean site design that highlights Schumacher’s products, history, distributors, harvests and farm shows while giving visitors access to rental services.

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Multi-Page | Custom Responsive Design

The Challenge: Creating a landing page that showcases Virtue Medicine’s clinics and doctors while giving visitors access to classes, fees, and patient information.

The Process: Combining Multi-Page WordPress Installation, Custom Responsive Design and Constant Contact Integration with high quality imagery, Google maps integration and contact forms.

The Result: A streamlined, informative space where patients and prospective patients can get to know their clinic, and find detailed information regarding treatments, pricing, scheduling, classes & workshops.

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Provia Integration | Google Maps Integration

The Challenge: Creating an informative, streamlined space for visitors searching for residential remodeling to get inspired and request a quote.

The Process: Combining multi-page WordPress installation and custom PHP with Provia text and Google Maps integration, customized imagery and contact forms.

The Result: A beautiful, gallery-style landing page showcasing each type of service provided by The Window Barn, linking to detailed information regarding each service. A call to action encourages visitors to call for a free quote.

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Custom MP3 Song Playback | Google Calendar Integration

The Challenge: Creating a space that showcases Professor Benjamin’s musical background while educating visitors about his work and inspiring them to book lessons with him.

The Process: Combining multi-page WordPress installation and custom PHP with Google Calendar integration, a section for current students and their success stories, mp3 song playback, and contact forms.

The Result: An informative and inspiring landing page for visitors to learn more about Professor Coelho’s expertise, background, and class offerings.

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Shopify eCommerce Platform | Gorgeous Custom Photography

The Challenge: Creating a user-friendly E-commerce site that showcases client’s design work and allows users to purchase products directly from site.

The Process: Combining e-commerce features like a shopping cart, secure payment gateway and search feature, with a FAQ section, custom image sliders, contact form, and email list sign up.

The Result: A functional, easy-to-use, mobile-compliant e-commerce site that allows the client to update featured designs and inventory.

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501(c)(3) Website Donation Project | WordPress | Donation Portal


The Challenge: Educating users about what Healthcare Charities does and encouraging users to donate and help the cause.

The Process: Developing a strong, consistent brand identity through the website. Integrate a donation portal, as well as a list of supplies users can donate. Succinctly explain to users who Healthcare Charities is and what they do.

The Result: A responsive, easy to navigate website with the capability of accepting online donations and getting in contact about donating supplies. All the information is efficiently organized and presented. The main goal, letting users know where to go and what they can do to help, is achieved on the home page with two distinct links.3

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Ergonomic Artwork Gallery |  Instagram Feed | Custom Design | eCommerce Store Integration

The Challenge: Showcasing Mara’s unique artistic style while utilizing an easy-to-navigate space that will inspire visitors to purchase and share her original artwork.

The Process: Combining responsive web design with a customized art gallery, online store, professional contact form, parallax design, and Instagram feed implementation.

The Result: A state-of-the-art, mobile-compliant website that incorporates Mara’s artistic style with her story, while providing a place for users to view and purchase her work.

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Stunning Custom Visual Design | Ergonomic UX

The Challenge: Creating an easy-to-use, visually appealing website that inspires visitors to contact our client for their motor servicing and repair needs.

The Process: Combining parallax, multi-page, and custom full-width design, with an interactive map and timeline, products page, and online application form.

The Result: Sister sites working together to give users a full list of products and services offered by Hupp Motors, as well as a history of the company. The sites are user friendly and completely editable by the Hupp Team.

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Beautiful Responsive Design | Strategically Planned Marketing Funnel

The Challenge: Inspiring homeowners to inquire Forever Green’s professional landscaping services, while promoting their garden center and maintenance services.

The Process: Combining responsive design and mobile compliancy with a custom image gallery, sales and events section, and quote request feature.

The Result: A cutting-edge, fully-customized and mobile-compliant website that brings awareness and intrigue to Forever Green’s world-class landscaping services and garden center.

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Seva Project Recipient | Beautiful Custom Design

The Challenge: Encouraging donations and providing resources to those in need, while educating the public of DVIP’s services.

The Process: Combining smooth navigation and custom image sliders with a donation feature, events page, blogspot, and call to action.

The Result: A state of the art, fee free website that streamlines interaction, provides visitors with resources, and encourages next steps.

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Customizable IDX Feed Integration | Ergonomic Custom Design

The Challenge: Showcasing client’s vertically integrated realty capabilities and variety of services while encouraging homeowners and renters to make contact.

The Process: Combining responsive and mobile-compliant design with multiple customized image sliders, search fields, and an interactive Google Maps feature.

The Result: A user-friendly, fully customizable and updateable site that allows potential buyers and renters to explore current listings and learn more.

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Video Sharing Social Media Platform | Responsive Ergonomic UX

The Challenge: Inspiring users to sign up for a membership while providing a platform for organizations to create and share original video content.

The Process: Combining responsive design and categorized video aids with the option for basic and premium memberships, a secure payment gateway, job and project boards, and maintenance request and contact forms.

The Result: An interactive, client-centered and mobile compliant website that educates potential clients while providing a place for current ones to create and share original content.

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Seva Project Recipient | Custom Beautiful Design

The Challenge: Inspiring potential students while educating parents on The Academy’s history, programs and services.

The Process: Combining custom, mobile compliant web design with updated text and imagery; an interactive calendar and student application form; student, teacher, and parent testimonials and a timeline of The Academy’s historic events.

The Result: A fee free, fully responsive and mobile compliant website, for a deserving corridor nonprofit that communicates The Academy’s goals, services, and programs.

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Mailchimp Newsletter Integration | Custom Design

The Challenge: Inspiring involvement in Weiner’s campaign while informing visitors of her background, goals, and achievements.

The Process: Combining a responsive, mobile compliant design with custom image sliders, parallax design, a contact and volunteer form, the option to donate now, an email sign-up, blogspot, and downloadable media.

The Result: A responsive, mobile-compliant website that truly represents Weiner and her goals, while informing Iowans of her campaign platform and giving them the opportunity to connect further.

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Strategically Planned Marketing Funnel | Beautiful Custom Responsive Design

The Challenge: Highlighting client’s extensive programs and services, while encouraging involvement educating visitors on business leadership.

The Process: Combining responsive design and mobile compliancy with an updated contact form, a customized, responsive map feature, accordion-style menus, and custom imagery.

The Results: A visually stunning, fully-responsive website that informs users about programs and services while providing them with a direct call-to-action.

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Real Estate Search Features | Custom Listings

The Challenge: Showcasing a wide range of rental units in a clean, simple manner while inspiring visitors to favorite units and reach out for more information.

The Process: Combining advanced search fields for streamlined lookups with an image gallery and pricing info for each listing, a fully functional map that specifies the location of each property, a favoriting feature, tenant and leasing information, and answers to frequently asked questions.

The Results: A world class, mobile compliant realty website with a complete database of all units, including galleries and pricing. We highlight the company’s large selection of rental units while providing visitors with all necessary information to connect with J & J.

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WooCommerce Integration  | Professional Photography and Videography

The Challenge: Illustrating the clients talents and offerings as an artist in a visually stunning way that inspires visitors view, share, and purchase his artwork.

The Process: Combining world-class photography and videography with fully responsive design with an E-commerce page feature, a studio page showcasing process, contact forms, and a direct link to his Etsy shop.

The Results: A beautifully engaging E-commerce website that illustrates Krizan’s history, craft, and process in a way that encourages viewers to get in touch and purchase his work.

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Lightbox Photo Galleries | Parallax and Multi-Page

The Challenge: Showcasing the client’s three divisions and what they do in simple, clean format while giving users access to useful information in a streamlined manner.

The Process: Dividing site into three subcategories; customizing icons and information for each section; incorporating an interactive map feature; utilizing beautiful, custom imagery that tells a story.

The Results: A professional, mobile-friendly website that gives visitors access to pertinent information, business locations, and job openings while connecting them with the client through a line of communication.

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Parallax design | Interactive map

The Challenge: Creating a world-class design that informs visitors of Bella Vita’s practitioners and services while inspiring them to make contact and/or book an appointment. The Process: Incorporating parallax design with a multi-page WordPress installation, interactive map, and accordion programming; including new patient forms, contact information, and individual sections for each kind of therapy. The Result: A visually stunning, informative wellness website where visitors are able to learn about Bella Vita’s services, practitioners, and mission while finding relative information for appointment scheduling.

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Parallax Design | Multi Page | Newsletter Integration

The Challenge: Showcasing the Theater’s upcoming productions in a visually appealing, streamlined manner while providing visitors with details on the theater itself, the audition process, and how to get involved.

The Process: Combining theme customization and custom php + Javascript with constant contact integration, multi-page wordpress installation, and optional newsletter subscription.

The Result: A beautifully artistic rendition of the theater’s offerings; its upcoming events, history, and any relative information that visitors are likely to search for, along with multiples ways to get in contact.

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Custom Design | eCommerce Store | Adwords Success Story

The Challenge: Giving visitors a streamlined way to explore the different areas of healing offered by Wildflower, while inspiring them to take control of their own health by booking an appointment.

The Process: Combining multi-page WordPress installation and custom theme with eCommerce store and gift certificate integration, online marketing, and Adwords.

The Result: An interactive eCommerce website featuring information on the variety of healing treatments offered at Wildflower; encourages visitors to purchase gift certificates and make contact by phone for appointment scheduling.

More Details

Showroom Gallery | Custom Design | Multi Page

The Challenge: Creating a space that highlights the ResTech showroom while informing visitors about their home technology systems and inspiring them to make contact.

The Process: Combining multi-page WordPress installation and mobile compliancy with customized redesign and coding, a showroom gallery, and contact forms.

The Result: A highly categorized, mobile compliant website that highlights each service individually while informing visitors why ResTech is the best choice for their home technology systems.

More Details

Multi-page custom design | WooCommerce Intergration

The Challenge: Creating a space where visitors can view and sign up for upcoming classes and events, while providing an area that showcases products and allows for purchases.

The Process: Combining multi-page WordPress installation with WooCommerce integration, custom posting capabilities, individual class sign up and contact forms.

The Result:  A beautiful, informative E-commerce site that allows visitors to purchase products, sign up for classes, view events, and contact Beadology.

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MailChimp Integration | Custom Design and Logo

The Challenge:  Creating a website that illustrates the variety of healing services offered while inspiring visitors to schedule an appointment, book retreats, or contact Quantum Healing to learn more.

The Process: Combining multi-page WordPress installation with customized logo design, MailChimp integration, and scheduling portal.

The Result: A visually appealing website where visitors can find information on a variety of healing services, schedule appointments, book retreats, and get further involved.

More Details

Custom Design | eCommerce Store | Adwords Success Story

The Challenge: Creating a visually appealing and informative website that highlights Grime Buster’s work while inspiring visitors to schedule a power wash.

The Process: Combining a multipage WordPress site, with custom PHP and Javascript, theme customization, detailed service descriptors, call to actions, and streamlined navigation.

The Result:  A highly visual representation of the quality services Grime Busters provides, along with a strong call to action that encourages users to book their services or learn more.

More Details

Parallax Design | Vortex Seva Project Recipient

The Challenge: Creating a space that showcases the work Table to Table does while inspiring visitors to donate and volunteer.

The Process: Combining single-page WordPress installation with an updateable news blog, custom parallax design, partner and testimonial sliders, and the option to donate now or volunteer.

The Result:  A place for visitors to learn about the nonprofit’s rich history and services while inspiring them to volunteer or donate.

More Details

Custom Design | Client Success Stories

The Challenge: Illustrating the variety and quality of services offered while inspiring visitors to request a free quote.

The Process: Combining WordPress installation and theme customization with separate landing pages for tree and turf services, a page for client success stories, and contact now button.

The Result: A visually stunning, informative website that illustrates a wide range of services while giving visitors a transparent look at the end result, inspiring them to call for a free quote.

More Details

Custom Theme and Logo | Custom CSS Animations

The Challenge: Creating a space for visitors to learn about Lake’s musical background while inspiring them to book a guitar lesson with him.

The Process: Combining Multi-Page WordPress installation and custom design with logo creation, a customized theme and CSS Animation.

The Result: A space where those interested in learning guitar can find more information, book lessons with Lake, and read former student success stories in a visually appealing format.

More Details

Custom Theme | Custom Programming

The Challenge: Showcasing all of Hupp’s products and services in an efficient manner while convincing visitors that renting equipment through Hupp Toyota is the best choice.

The Process: Combining custom PHP, Javascript, and post type integration along with WordPress installation and theme customization.

The Result: A streamlined hub for equipment rental highlighting a variety of models, parts and specials while giving visitors the opportunity to inquire more information.

More Details

Custom Parallax Design | Google Tags Integration

The Challenge: Creating an informative, representative landing space for visitors searching the corridor for vein centers to learn about the quality and types of services offered by Corridor Vein.

The Process: Combining a single page WordPress installation with custom parallax design, Google tags integration, interactive Google maps, patient success stories and contact forms.

The Result: An informative, navigational medical website where visitors are encouraged to book a free consultation, learn about each type of service offered, read patient success stories and get in contact with Corridor Vein.

More Details

Custom Parallax Design | Custom Post Type Intergration

The Challenge: Creating a multi-dimensional, easy-to-use website that showcases each of New Eagle Group’s financial management divisions in detail while inspiring visitors to call for more information.

The Process: Custom parallax design, JavaScript and PHP, custom post type integration.

The Result:  A streamlined financial hub separated by each of New Eagle Group’s divisions, giving visitors access to a wide range of details and contact information.

More Details

Interactive Database | Language Option Feature

The Challenge: Creating an online crisis center giving visitors a direct line of contact for crisis, mental health, residential and vocational services.

The Process: Combining a multi-page WordPress installation with custom parallax design, interactive database, Data-Driven Google Maps, and language option feature.

The Result: A streamlined hub of information giving visitors access to crisis lines, legal documents, and other relative information surrounding Eastern Iowa Mental Health and Disability Services.

More Details

Parallax Design | GoFindMyHome Integration

The Challenge: Creating an information hub where visitors can access each of New Eagle’s six financial divisions and find details pertinent to each of division.

The Process: Combining custom parallax design with GoFindMyHome Integration and Custom Javascript, along with differentiated sections for taxes, wealth management, insurance, real estate, rentals and the JHTD Plaza, contact information for each division, and direct calls to action.

The Result: A streamlined landing page directing visitors to New Eagle’s six financial divisions, where they can find detailed and organized information relative to the corresponding sections.

More Details

Custom Design | Parallax Design

The Challenge: Creating a visually representative website that highlights Butler’s unique spray foam insulation while informing visitors of their world class family-run operation

The Process: Combining a Multipage WordPress site with customized design and in-house photography

The Result: A visually appealing, informative design that emphasizes our client’s unique selling points while providing calls to action and contact information for visitors to take advantage of.

More Details
More Details

Custom Theme | WordPress Installation

The Challenge: Creating a space that educates visitors about Shakti Holistic Healing, their services, and instructors while encouraging them to call and schedule a session.

The Process: Combining Multi-Page WordPress Installation with a customized theme, imagery, text and calls to action.

The Result: A stylized landing page for those looking for healing services to learn more about what Shakti has to offer.

More Details

Custom Parallax Design | Real Estate Database

The Challenge: Displaying ERP’s available rental homes in a clean, organized fashion, allowing for easy navigation so visitors can find a home that meets their rental needs.

The Process: Combining Multi-Page WordPress Installation with Custom Parallax Design, Real Estate Database Integration, Google Map Integration and Renovation Lightbox Galleries.

The Result: World-class web design giving visitors access to advanced filter options for customized searches, custom image galleries for each unit, tenant applications, and ERP’s contact information.

More Details

Custom Parallax design | Custom Icons

The Challenge: 

Highlighting client’s transition services in an empathetic, professional and organized manner that encourages visitors to seek out more information through direct contact.

The Process: Combining Multi-Page WordPress Installation with Custom Parallax design and Icons

The Result: A beautiful resource site for those seeking help with senior relocation, realtor & sales assistance, and downsizing & decluttering. Visitors can quickly access relevant information and reach out for a direct contact.

More Details

Mailchimp Integration | Square payment integration | Google sheets integration

The Challenge: Informing Iowans in the 75 District about Denison’s  goals for Iowa House and how they will benefit the community, while inspiring visitors to sign up for newsletters or donate to her cause.

The Process: Combining a Multipage WordPress site and Square payment gateway integration with PHP/Javascript customization, Mailchimp & Google sheets integration.

The Result: A minimalistic one-stop shop for information on Denison’s  background, political agenda, newsletters, donations and contact forms. Visitors can easily scroll the parallax to locate all relevant information in a quick, simple manner.

More Details

Adobe Business Catalyst | Membership Subscription

The Challenge: Creating a Business-to-Business website that integrates subscription services while educating visitors about how customized research via Superconductor’s newsletter can improve business operations.

The Process: Combining Adobe Business Catalyst with Membership Subscription and API via jQuery

The Result: Streamlined access to Superconductor’s subscription services and information surrounding newsletters, free content and all things Superconductor.

More Details

Parallax Design | Custom Logo | Blog Set-up

The Challenge: Informing visitors about Simple Medicine and its relation to functional medicine and healing the body, along with inspiring users to schedule an appointment with Paula.

The Process:  Combining Multi-Page WordPress Installation with Custom Parallax Design, Logo Creation and Blog Set-Up.

The Result: An informative functional medicine space giving patients and potential patients the convenience of scheduling visits online and access to related info quickly and easily.

More Details

Custom Photography | Custom Slideshow

The Challenge:  Creating a landing page that attracts new clients seeking specialized psychiatric care, while informing visitors of the services available and how to make an appointment with Dr. Wesner.

The Process: Combining Multi-Page WordPress Installation with a jQuery Slideshow and customized photography and design.

The Result: A clinical marketing tool that provides visitors with all relevant information surrounding Dr. Wesner’s services, his background and how to get in contact with his office.

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Reputation Management

Introduce your business in a professional manner on the digital marketplace, managing online reviews, and placing relevant information on aggregators.

Social Media

Vortex does all the admin work for you by creating email marketing accounts and automating your organic social media posts. These tools allow Vortex to implement long term marketing strategies with reduced project management costs and increased ROI w/o overpaying for digital marketing!

Email Marketing

Vortex creates email templates and devises the most effective methodology to deliver email marketing to your audience. We use best practice techniques to help retain your readers long term.

On-Board SEO

SEO is the process of increasing a site’s visibility and ranking in organic search results. Websites that have well-developed SEO easily convey what they’re all about to Google, resulting in higher rankings in search results.

Pay Per Click Advertising

In-depth market research to develop keyword lists and write unique copy that helps your business get ROI on search engine advertising.

Analytics Analysis

An in-depth report with statistics outlining weekly results of advertising, website traffic, bounce rates, and more! Vortex also prepares a unique executive report summarizing your results.

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