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Extensive Product Database | Beautiful Custom Design

The Challenge: Integrating and differentiating between 8 divisions of agricultural, resale, and wholesale products while illustrating the multi-generational history and values of their business.

The Process: Compiling 8 micro-sites and combining a custom sales territory map with a product search option, team member integration, equipment inventory, and online contact & application forms.

The Result: A mobile compliant, streamlined hub of multidimensional information, highlighting the Fortune5000 company’s long family history and wide range of world-class services.

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Social Media Sharing Integration | Stunning Custom Visual Design

The Challenge: To inspire residential and commercial customers to inquire King’s wide range of landscaping, concrete, masonry, and bricklaying services.

The Process: Combining custom imagery, visual aids and a direct line of communication with an interactive map and project planning feature, a section for materials and commercial visitors, and spec sheets for designers, architects and contractors.

The Result: A world-class, mobile-compliant website that informs and inspires users to learn more.

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Shopify eCommerce Platform | Gorgeous Custom Photography

The Challenge: Creating a user-friendly E-commerce site that showcases client’s design work and allows users to purchase products directly from site.

The Process: Combining e-commerce features like a shopping cart, secure payment gateway and search feature, with a FAQ section, custom image sliders, contact form, and email list sign up.

The Result: A functional, easy-to-use, mobile-compliant e-commerce site that allows the client to update featured designs and inventory.

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Ergonomic Artwork Gallery |  Instagram Feed | Custom Design | eCommerce Store Integration

The Challenge: Showcasing Mara’s unique artistic style while utilizing an easy-to-navigate space that will inspire visitors to purchase and share her original artwork.

The Process: Combining responsive web design with a customized art gallery, online store, professional contact form, parallax design, and Instagram feed implementation.

The Result: A state-of-the-art, mobile-compliant website that incorporates Mara’s artistic style with her story, while providing a place for users to view and purchase her work.

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Stunning Custom Visual Design | Ergonomic UX

The Challenge: Creating an easy-to-use, visually appealing website that inspires visitors to contact our client for their motor servicing and repair needs.

The Process: Combining parallax, multi-page, and custom full-width design, with an interactive map and timeline, products page, and online application form.

The Result: Sister sites working together to give users a full list of products and services offered by Hupp Motors, as well as a history of the company. The sites are user friendly and completely editable by the Hupp Team.

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Beautiful Responsive Design | Strategically Planned Marketing Funnel

The Challenge: Inspiring homeowners to inquire Forever Green’s professional landscaping services, while promoting their garden center and maintenance services.

The Process: Combining responsive design and mobile compliancy with a custom image gallery, sales and events section, and quote request feature.

The Result: A cutting-edge, fully-customized and mobile-compliant website that brings awareness and intrigue to Forever Green’s world-class landscaping services and garden center.

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Seva Project Recipient | Beautiful Custom Design

The Challenge: Encouraging donations and providing resources to those in need, while educating the public of DVIP’s services.

The Process: Combining smooth navigation and custom image sliders with a donation feature, events page, blogspot, and call to action.

The Result: A state of the art, fee free website that streamlines interaction, provides visitors with resources, and encourages next steps.

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Customizable IDX Feed Integration | Ergonomic Custom Design

The Challenge: Showcasing client’s vertically integrated realty capabilities and variety of services while encouraging homeowners and renters to make contact.

The Process: Combining responsive and mobile-compliant design with multiple customized image sliders, search fields, and an interactive Google Maps feature.

The Result: A user-friendly, fully customizable and updateable site that allows potential buyers and renters to explore current listings and learn more.

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Video Sharing Social Media Platform | Responsive Ergonomic UX

The Challenge: Inspiring users to sign up for a membership while providing a platform for organizations to create and share original video content.

The Process: Combining responsive design and categorized video aids with the option for basic and premium memberships, a secure payment gateway, job and project boards, and maintenance request and contact forms.

The Result: An interactive, client-centered and mobile compliant website that educates potential clients while providing a place for current ones to create and share original content.

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Seva Project Recipient | Custom Beautiful Design

The Challenge: Inspiring potential students while educating parents on The Academy’s history, programs and services.

The Process: Combining custom, mobile compliant web design with updated text and imagery; an interactive calendar and student application form; student, teacher, and parent testimonials and a timeline of The Academy’s historic events.

The Result: A fee free, fully responsive and mobile compliant website, for a deserving corridor nonprofit that communicates The Academy’s goals, services, and programs.

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Mailchimp Newsletter Integration | Custom Design

The Challenge: Inspiring involvement in Weiner’s campaign while informing visitors of her background, goals, and achievements.

The Process: Combining a responsive, mobile compliant design with custom image sliders, parallax design, a contact and volunteer form, the option to donate now, an email sign-up, blogspot, and downloadable media.

The Result: A responsive, mobile-compliant website that truly represents Weiner and her goals, while informing Iowans of her campaign platform and giving them the opportunity to connect further.

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Strategically Planned Marketing Funnel | Beautiful Custom Responsive Design

The Challenge: Highlighting client’s extensive programs and services, while encouraging involvement educating visitors on business leadership.

The Process: Combining responsive design and mobile compliancy with an updated contact form, a customized, responsive map feature, accordion-style menus, and custom imagery.

The Results: A visually stunning, fully-responsive website that informs users about programs and services while providing them with a direct call-to-action.

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Real Estate Search Features | Custom Listings

The Challenge: Showcasing a wide range of rental units in a clean, simple manner while inspiring visitors to favorite units and reach out for more information.

The Process: Combining advanced search fields for streamlined lookups with an image gallery and pricing info for each listing, a fully functional map that specifies the location of each property, a favoriting feature, tenant and leasing information, and answers to frequently asked questions.

The Results: A world class, mobile compliant realty website with a complete database of all units, including galleries and pricing. We highlight the company’s large selection of rental units while providing visitors with all necessary information to connect with J & J.

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WooCommerce Integration  | Professional Photography and Videography

The Challenge: Illustrating the clients talents and offerings as an artist in a visually stunning way that inspires visitors view, share, and purchase his artwork.

The Process: Combining world-class photography and videography with fully responsive design with an E-commerce page feature, a studio page showcasing process, contact forms, and a direct link to his Etsy shop.

The Results: A beautifully engaging E-commerce website that illustrates Krizan’s history, craft, and process in a way that encourages viewers to get in touch and purchase his work.

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Lightbox Photo Galleries | Parallax and Multi-Page

The Challenge: Showcasing the client’s three divisions and what they do in simple, clean format while giving users access to useful information in a streamlined manner.

The Process: Dividing site into three subcategories; customizing icons and information for each section; incorporating an interactive map feature; utilizing beautiful, custom imagery that tells a story.

The Results: A professional, mobile-friendly website that gives visitors access to pertinent information, business locations, and job openings while connecting them with the client through a line of communication.

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Parallax design | Interactive map

The Challenge: Creating a world-class design that informs visitors of Bella Vita’s practitioners and services while inspiring them to make contact and/or book an appointment.
The Process: Incorporating parallax design with a multi-page WordPress installation, interactive map, and accordion programming; including new patient forms, contact information, and individual sections for each kind of therapy.
The Result: 
A visually stunning, informative wellness website where visitors are able to learn about Bella Vita’s services, practitioners, and mission while finding relative information for appointment scheduling.

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Parallax Design | Multi Page | Newsletter Integration

The Challenge: Showcasing the Theater’s upcoming productions in a visually appealing, streamlined manner while providing visitors with details on the theater itself, the audition process, and how to get involved.

The Process: Combining theme customization and custom php + Javascript with constant contact integration, multi-page wordpress installation, and optional newsletter subscription.

The Result: A beautifully artistic rendition of the theater’s offerings; its upcoming events, history, and any relative information that visitors are likely to search for, along with multiples ways to get in contact.

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Custom Design | eCommerce Store | Adwords Success Story

The Challenge: Giving visitors a streamlined way to explore the different areas of healing offered by Wildflower, while inspiring them to take control of their own health by booking an appointment.

The Process: Combining multi-page WordPress installation and custom theme with eCommerce store and gift certificate integration, online marketing, and Adwords.

The Result: An interactive eCommerce website featuring information on the variety of healing treatments offered at Wildflower; encourages visitors to purchase gift certificates and make contact by phone for appointment scheduling.