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Digital Marketing

Do You Want to Attract More Customers Than You Can Handle?

Get the attention of your target audience with digital advertising and marketing. You’ve heard of Google AdWords and Facebook Pay per Click (PPC) ads, but do you understand how either can benefit your business?

We can help with the creative aspect of digital ads as well as the intricacies of placing ads online and their ongoing testing, tweaking and management. Email marketing and YouTube ads—we have that covered, too.

Our goal is to achieve top-spot SEO organically, and that often begins with a digital marketing campaign. Turn to an expert who has been in PPC advertising for more than 20 years.

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“I was amazed at all Jonathan’s ideas and his vast knowledge of the possibilities in design, internet capabilities and most of all, generating new business.”

Nancy Joy Hefron, Heartlights

“Jonathan is a consummate professional. He knows his stuff, communicates well, and cares. Finding all three in one person is a gift.

If you know you need marketing that attracts prospects and helps you turn them into clients, I encourage you to work with Jonathan.

Bonnie Dubrow, Marketing to Your World