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Social Media Marketing

Connect, Engage and Create Massive Value

Attract the right people to your social media, and engage them with your brand and its enthusiastic client community.  This will lead to greater return on your website investment!

Social media is a necessary part of your online marketing strategy. With your website and proper SEO, you can create a consistent brand experience that draws in your customers. Plus, we will measure your results so you can see how your brand is growing! We help you plan, create and manage social media platforms, including:

Facebook • YouTube • Twitter • Instagram • LinkedIn • Pinterest

“Vortex Business Solutions is much more than a great website creator. You will also find yourself energized and inspired to improve your entire business!”

Steve Semken, Ice Cube Press

“Jonathan had me sitting on the edge of my chair during his training. The breadth of his knowledge, his proficiency and passion for training comes through in everything he does.”

Peter N. Jeong, New York Life Insurance Company