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Success Stories

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Consulting, Marketing, Web Design, Strategic Planning

“Jonathan is a consummate professional. He knows his stuff, communicates well, and cares. Finding all three in one person is a gift.

If you know you need marketing that attracts prospects and helps you turn them into clients, I encourage you to work with Jonathan.

Whether you do business in a physical location, online, or both, Jonathan can help you achieve your business outcomes.”

Bonnie Dubrow

Marketing & Business Development Specialist
Marketing to Your World
Melbourne, FL, USA

“Upon first meeting Jonathan, I knew my business was in trouble but wasn’t sure how to ask for help or how to identify problems. I felt completely overwhelmed and discouraged about many aspects of my business.

Within minutes of his first consult, I was amazed at how efficiently he sorted through problems and then proceeded to offer systems and working solutions for our future success. Every minute of each session was of great value with his full attention focused on each item that needed addressed.

His advice was the shot in the arm that my business needed. I felt elated, as though I were one of those TV contestants where a crew shows up, bulldozes their shack and then builds them a dream home. He speaks from experience which is invaluable to any business owner who needs someone they can trust and identify with.”

Sherri Haab

Sherri Haab Designs
Springerville, Utah, USA

“As a business mentor, Jonathan Sabin has a very rare combination of skills, and I consider myself fortunate to be working with him. Jonathan is that well-connected guru that every business startup hopes to come across.

He operates from a success principle that doesn’t allow for negativity, doubt or other self-sabotaging real dream killers. Having been in the trenches himself as a successful entrepreneur and business owner, Jonathan speaks from real experience.

My expertise is mainly limited to marketing, so I feel confident knowing he ‘has my back’ in key areas like operations, team building, business and financial management. I find Jonathan to be both insightful and intuitive.

As an idea person I find it difficult to stay focused, so I’m grateful he knows knows when to deliver the proverbial ‘kick in the pants’ and keep me on task.”

Jean Scott

Toronto, Canada

“After consulting with Jonathan Sabin about my new business website, it is obvious that he is very knowledgeable about design and many functional options.

An unexpected bonus with Jonathan is that he not only understands technology but he has another unique and valuable ability – an aesthetic eye for beauty. He generously gave me very helpful direction to start moving forward.”

Revel Miller, PhD

Revel Miller Consulting
Santa Barbara, California, USA
Developing Exceptional Global Leaders

“Jonathan, Thank you for, honestly, the best customer service I’ve experience since I can remember.”

Lindsey Ellis

Tulane Environmental Law Society
New Orleans, LA, USA

“Jonathan is a focused and efficient human being. He also has a good sense of humor and doesn’t get overly stressed by things he can’t control….a major feat in the current climate we find ourselves living.

To me, he’d most definitely be an asset for almost any venture.”

Leonard Sarki

Tax Professional, HR Block Tax and Business Services
Iowa City, IA, USA

Web Design and Development

“I am honored and grateful for the quality of the long-term partnership we’re developing.

Here are a few of the things you’ve done that have contributed to our partnership: your attention to detail, your help with developing the easy-to-navigate look and feel to our websites because you think of how each site will be used, your willingness to work together to continuously improve how we work together, and your responsiveness when I have a problem is spectacular!

I appreciate that you contribute new ideas and fresh perspectives to all aspects of our projects.”

Bonnie Dubrow

Strategies for Success, Inc.

“Quality is the word that comes to mind when I think of Jonathan and his gifted team of developers.

I came to Jonathan in dire need of an entirely revamped website. I expressed a series of disparate, discrete and non-negotiable needs combined with a vague desire for a sleek ‘look’ that retained elements of the past while forging into the future.

Jonathan combined and refined my needs and vision to produce a coherent website that aided me in reaching my customer demographic in ways I had not initially thought of.

I am utterly convinced that a dollar spent on Vortex Business Solutions is a dollar and fifty cents invested in a brighter future for my company.”

Klaus Neumann

Executive Editor
Superconductor Week
Seattle, WA USA

In the spring of 2010, I met with Jonathan Sabin of Vortex Business Solutions to discuss upgrading my website. Of particular concern was finding improved viability in my email marketing program, enhancing and improving my online store, increasing traffic and sales, and giving my site an updated look offering more impact and improved design.

I was amazed at all Jonathan’s ideas and his vast knowledge of the possibilities in design, internet capabilities and most of all, generating new business. After several meetings, we agreed on a plan which was quite extensive and exciting using Adobe Business Catalyst as my new platform. I was a bit reluctant at first, as I felt I would not be able to learn to use the new site and all its capabilities – a techy I am not! However, Jonathan was supportive and was always there to answer my questions and hold my hand, so to speak.

Within 60 days my new site was up and running. It has been growing and improving my business ever since!

Now one year later, I am still thrilled and still learning how to utilize more of the robust and expanded capabilities built right into my site’s platform. My site seems almost alive and is growing my business as I grow.

If you are ready to take a leap into new and improved web capabilities for your business, Vortex Business Solutions and their competent staff are all amazing.

Nancy Joy Hefron

Mount Vernon, IA USA

“I opened my site up and it looks so clean and clear. I am very happy with it.

Thank you for your great sense of design. Wonderful work.

When people see my site they gush about how beautiful it is! They say it looks like YOU!

And that’s because I had the Vortex team hold my hand throughout the process and I came to them with great advice from Jonathan Sabin about what to bring to the table. It made my site reflect me! And I love it too.”

Dr. Tanya English

Quantum Healing Chiropractic
West Branch, IA, USA

“Vortex Business Solutions is much more than a great website creator. You will also find yourself energized and inspired to improve your entire business!”

Steve Semken

Ice Cube Press
North Liberty, IA, USA

“Jonathan has a wonderful talent for capturing real beauty in his photographs. When he and I reviewed the images that we would eventually use for my jewelry business web site, I was simply stunned by how lovely he made my pieces look.

When it was time to build my website, it was nice to know that there was someone like Jonathan to help me realize my vision for it. The site is clean, elegant and easy to navigate, exactly what I was hoping for.

Above all, it’s clear that Jonathan truly cares about the success of my website and my business. ”

Cristina Leonard

Cristina Leonard Designs
Iowa City, IA, USA

“Vortex Business Solutions builds great websites!

When I started Transition Resources I looked to Team Vortex for help with the concept, purpose and look of my website. They integrated the site design with my existing marketing materials and I ended up with a welcoming place for potential customers to land, learn about my business, and communicate with me.

Vortex Business Solutions captured the vibe my audience responds to, and helped me better understand the ins and outs of a good web presence. The team asked the right questions, heard my answers, and were responsive and creative.

I recommend Vortex Business Solutions to anyone who wants a great website! ”

Holly Hotchkiss

Transition Resources
Iowa City, IA

“Jonathan and his ensemble of expertise at Vortex created a beautiful website describing my practice.

He was also very helpful in navigating me through the complexities of the Internet so that my website is easily findable using common search engines. His staff were a pleasure to work with.

I was initially reluctant to create a web presence, but in the year I’ve had this website, patient contacts have increased and overall business went up 15%.”

Dr. Robert Wesner

Robert B. Wesner MD
103 East College St., Suite 220
Iowa City, IA

“Vortex is a company that gives back! This year our program, the Domestic Violence Intervention Program, was chosen to receive website design and creation pro bono! This is incredibly important for a non-profit like ours.

Working with the staff at Vortex was wonderful. We had some unique issues related to working with victims of violent crime and not only did they listen, but they came up with truly effective solutions.

I would highly recommend their team!”

Kristie Doser

Domestic Violence Intervention Program
Iowa City, IA

"The Vortex team has been terrific to work with! We are very pleased with our new website. Jonathan & his team are very knowledgeable and have great ideas for our business. We would highly recommend Vortex to anyone needing website and business solutions."

J and J Real Estate
Iowa City, IA

“We were referred to Vortex Business Solutions by someone we trust and we are thrilled to say you have earned our trust too! From start to finish your customer service in designing our website was outstanding. Communication with staff was easy and responses were quick! Jonathan and all of the Vortex staff are professionals in creating attractive and user-friendly websites. Thanks from the three of us at Integrity Integrated”

Amy Kolner

Integrity Integrated
Davenport, IA

"Our new Vortex website is not only attractive, but also functional. We foresee its use in streamlining recruitment and enrollment for Academy programs as well as in finding Alumni, updating and informing our followers, via the updatable calendar, and much, much more.
We unveiled the site at our January board meeting, to oohs and ahhs, around the room. To say that we are pleased is an understatement. Thank you, Vortex."

Ruth E. White

The Academy SPS
Cedar Rapids, IA

“When people see my site they gush about how beautiful it is! They say it looks like YOU! And that's because I had the Vortex team hold my hand throughout the process and I came to them with great advice from Jonathan Sabin about what to bring to the table. It made my site reflect me! And I love it too.”

Dr. Tanya English

Quantum Healing
Coralville, IA

Seminars, Training, and Speaking

“This was a good investment of time and resources. Jonathan was very knowledgeable and addressed practical concerns that the audience had. I expect this to be very useful for our company!”

Terry Bergen

Terry Lockridge & Dunn