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Want your website to rank higher in search engines?

Vortex Business Solutions Iowa City SEO Tune Up

What You Get With Our
One Time SEO Tune-Up

Our SEO experts will survey and comb through your website, looking for any possible errors, problems, or misconfigurations that could be negatively affecting your SEO. Once this initial analysis is complete, we will provide you with our tailored SEO plan.

Your website’s title and description tags are some of the most important components of on-board SEO. This is the text that Google crawls to determine what each page on your site is about. At this step, we will examine each page’s tags, and either tweak or craft brand new, unique tags that accurately convey the content on the page.

Images are an often overlooked area of on-board SEO. Google isn’t smart enough (yet) to visually understand an image like we can, so its robots must rely on the image title and alt tag to accurately describe the image. Ensuring the title and alt tags are optimized with keywords is the main goal of this step.

When determining organic ranking, Google also looks at how easily users can navigate through your website. Placing links throughout your website pointing to other relevant pages gives users pertinent information, and looks good to Google’s algorithms.

Google rewards websites that have unique, useful content, and penalizes sites it finds duplicate content on. We will scan all of the pages on your site, and clean up any duplicate content we find.

Maintaining a speedy website not only keeps users on your site longer, Google will also rank you higher because of it. We will ensure that your site is running as quickly as it can.

Since 2014, Google has dramatically favored websites it deems mobile friendly in search results. In order to rank well, your site must be mobile friendly.

SEO campaigns also require accurate analytics information to achieve the best possible results. We will ensure that if you have analytics on your website already, it is configured and working properly. If not, we will set it up for you.