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Vortex Website Functionality Survey

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As we begin planning the development of you new website, it is important that we understand how your current site works and what you need and would like to have in the new version.

While we do have some general ideas from our previous discussions, we now need to get more specific and detailed in our understanding of your requirements. We have put together this list of questions for you to think over before we meet to discuss web strategy. We hope this will give you a better idea of the topics we will be covering in our work session, and the type of information we will be looking for.

Specifically, we are interested in how your new website can help you:

  • Become more efficient in the marketplace
  • Better serve the needs of site visitors

With this in mind, please answer the following questions:

New Website Functionality Survey

Target Audience


How important are each of the following functions to your area of the your web site? Please explain why and where they are used



Staff Audiences