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Vortex Marketing Minute | Top 10 SEO Tips 3 & 4 | Effective Description & Image Tags

Vortex Marketing Minute | Top 10 SEO Tips 3 & 4 | Effective Description & Image Tags

Want to Increase Website Traffic?
Meta Description and Image Tag optimization could be your Answer!

This week’s Vortex Marketing Minute’s SEO Tips 3 & 4, covers effective description tags and image name optimization by utilizing keyword-rich copy.

“Number three: Description Tags

At Vortex, we refer to these as the Google description because this is the text that shows up in search engine results when a user comes across your site during a Google search. Some people call them SERPS. It should consist of keyword-rich ad copy and entice the user to click and visit on your site. 

Tip number four: Image Name Optimization

All images must be named properly including your company name and pertinent keywords. Here’s the kicker, no spaces are allowed. Only hyphens and underscores. There doesn’t seem to be any limit to the length, but we would prefer to keep it short and sweet.”

Google dives into its best practices for creating quality meta descriptions here, but we highlighted the important points.

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Stay tuned for next week’s SEO tips #5 & #6!

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