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Protecting Your Business’ Digital Assets – Part 3: Your Business Facebook Page

Protecting Your Business’ Digital Assets – Part 3: Your Business Facebook Page

Maintaining a healthy, active social media presence is extremely important for businesses when trying to cultivate a passionate consumer base.  Running a successful social media campaign could be the subject of an entire book, however it must start somewhere.
Getting your business verified on Facebook is the perfect place to begin!

In this month’s Vortex Marketing Blog, we’ll go over how to claim and verify your business listing and build a foundation for a successful social media campaign.

Claiming and Verifying Your Business
The two most common ways of creating your Facebook page are creating one from scratch, or claiming an unclaimed page that has already been created. Both steps are rather straightforward.

If you are creating a page from scratch, the process is very simple. When logged into Facebook, click on the Menu link in the upper right; in the Create section, click Page. You will be brought to a fresh page creation page, where you can input your business name, category and description.

Once you’ve input this information and hit Create Page, you’re ready to start customizing and posting!

If you discover that there is already a page for your business on Facebook, don’t worry, you can easily claim it. Facebook will sometimes automatically generate a business page if a user tags it or checks into your location.

To claim your Facebook page, navigate to it via search, and click on the Do You Own This Business? link in the left column or top of the page (this may appear differently depending on which layout you’re using). If no one has claimed it, you can follow the instructions and connect it to your personal Facebook account, and you will receive ownership!

Please note, if someone else has claimed your page, and you need to take back control, Facebook has a lengthy process you need to go through in order to verify ownership.

With your page claimed or created, you can start adding pertinent information.

Fill Out Your Basic Information
The most important information to add to your Facebook page is your About section, profile picture, and cover picture. When you create a new page, Facebook will walk you through each of these steps.

The About section should be a small blurb about your business, your mission statement, and what services you provide. You can also insert your website address, if you have already created one. (If not, click here). This is also where you will input your location and contact information: your phone number, email address, hours, service area, and more. This info is imperative to have on your page, as it helps users easily understand what your business does and when and how they can get in contact with you.

The profile and cover pictures help legitimize your business page. Your profile picture should be your logo, and your cover picture could be a staff photo or your location. These can easily be changed in the future.

With your Facebook business page created and under your management, you’re ready to start connecting with past and potential customers!  Next month, we will discuss what to do if you discover duplicate pages, or if someone has falsely claimed your page.

Need help managing your social media presence? Vortex Digital Business Solutions specializes in targeted campaigns for businesses to connect with and convert potential clients. For more information, visit or call 319.621.0191 today!

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