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Three Tips for Making Effective QR Codes

Three Tips for Making Effective QR Codes

From restaurant menus and fliers to in-store banners and billboards, QR codes are an easy method to push engagement from your physical marketing materials to your website. Now it’s easier than ever to generate a QR code, print it out on your marketing materials, and drive users into your marketing funnel. In this month’s Vortex Marketing Blog, we will go over three easy tips to creating an effective QR code!

Incorporate Your Logo
Many QR code generators online give you the capability of adding your business’ logo to the center or corners of your QR code. This is a great way to increase brand recognition and help your code stand out in your marketing materials.

Simply upload a high-quality PNG file of your logo, and online QR code builders will automatically add it to the code! Many QR code builders have similar interfaces, and allow for easy drag-and-drop functionality. Experiment with placing it in the center or the corner to diversify your branding, and see what you like best.

Keep It Simple
While it’s effective to spice up your QR code so it stands out from its surroundings, it is possible to make it too flashy. Adding a splash of color from your logo is a nice touch, but if you have too many clashing colors and patterns, it can be harder for phones to scan.

You also need to keep in mind the average distance users are going to be scanning it from. If it is a small hand out, you can fit some more design elements in it, as users will be scanning it from a short distance. If, however, you are setting up a QR code for a banner at a trade show or something similar, users will be scanning it from several feet away; any colors or patterns that contrast with the code may make it harder for phones to quickly scan it and recognize the link. When in doubt, it’s safest to stick to black and white or other basic colors.

Build URL Parameters
Tracking how users arrive at your website is an important part of any digital marketing campaign, and QR codes are no different. For each code you generate, make sure you create a unique URL parameter. We have covered URL parameters in previous blog posts, but essentially, they are a series of codes you append to the end of your URLs to track what marketing campaign they interacted with before visiting your website. Google has a simple parameter building tool here:

Input the link you want to send users to, the campaign source (for example an in-store handout or billboard), the campaign medium (which is a QR code), and campaign name. Google also has some tips for naming conventions in their tool. 

QR codes are a simple way to connect your analog marketing with your digital marketing by driving users in your store or in-person events to your website. When you’re planning your next marketing campaign, keep these tips in mind!

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