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How Text Marketing Can Boost Your Business

How Text Marketing Can Boost Your Business

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, smartphones remain a constant in every consumer’s daily life; we bring our phones with us everywhere and check them dozens of times a day. With the advancement of Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging, it’s also easier than ever for businesses to organize customers’ phone numbers into an online database and send texts to them regarding upcoming sales, promotions, and more. In this month’s Vortex Marketing Blog, we’ll cover how text marketing can help boost your business!

It’s Easy to Use
Text messages need to be simple by necessity: a line or two of text with a link directing users to your website. Compared to designing an email, which includes creating and designing a template, inserting images and links, crafting a subject line, and everything else that involves, text messages are much simpler and quicker to set up. This means you spend less time managing your marketing and more on your business!

Texts are Inexpensive
On top of being easy to set up, bulk SMS is cheap to send. Most online platforms charge only a couple cents per text message for plain text, or a few cents more if you include an image. Platforms also feature flexible subscription models, allowing you to scale up or down on a monthly basis depending on your needs, ensuring that you aren’t wasting any money. When compared to print marketing, Pay Per Click marketing, and billboards, text message marketing is much more budget-friendly.

High Open Rates, Conversions and Deliverability
One of the best benefits of text message marketing is the high average opening rate. If you get a text message notification on your phone and immediately see it, regardless if you actually open it, the high engagement makes sense.

Text messages also see a much higher opening rate compared to phone calls or emails, which translates to more conversions. By design, texts are short, sweet, and to the point; they convey your point quickly to users and drive them to your business or website instantly.

Lastly, text message deliverability is instant and does not require an internet connection. As soon as you hit the send button, you have peace of mind that regardless of where your customers are, your marketing is reaching them.

All of this combined results in a high performance and Return On Investment (ROI) for text messages that other marketing channels can have difficulty replicating.

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