Full-time Nurse to Her Own Boss: Coach Beth's Success Story

From Full-Time Nurse to Her Own Boss – Coach Beth’s Success Story

From Full-Time Nurse to Her Own Boss – Coach Beth’s Success Story

In this month’s blog post, we are beyond ecstatic to share the incredible success story of Coach Beth Pruessner with you!

Where Beth’s Story Begins 

Beth began her career as a nurse and group fitness instructor in her early twenties, but she soon realized she wanted to work with people in a different way. That’s when she pivoted her path toward health coaching. Her coaching career started with typical heath coach methods such as weighing, measuring, food diaries, etc. However, when she realized that this type of instruction lead to clients feeling guilty and asking for forgiveness when they stepped off track, she wanted to shift her practice away from food restriction and intense exercise, towards self-trust and listening to the body. After this shift in coaching philosophy, Beth knew she needed a website update that reflected her new path.

Where Vortex Digital Comes In

In her own words, Beth stated “That’s when I contacted Vortex. I had to make changes to my website so that I could reflect my current practices as a coach. Jonathan and his team were an easy “yes” to work with. They all have a range of knowledge and experience, and they took the time to really get to know me and my business so that once the final website was created it really felt like me.”

“I learned many things along the way – such as the importance of SEO, setting up a ‘Google Business’ and why it is important to write regular blogs. Additionally, they have supported me by creating short video tutorials so that I can update my blog regularly (this was a HUGE time saver). As my business has progressed, team Vortex has grown with me. They have added email integration, a behind-the-scenes ‘leave a review’ page, and much more.”

Taking the Leap 

Beth continues, “In the spring of 2022, I decided to resign from my nursing career and pursue professional coaching full-time. I was confident in the systems I had set up with my website and email integration. I also was confident that as my business grew and my needs changed the Vortex team would be able to grow with me. They are always prompt in their service and in responding to requests, they provide detailed estimates (no surprises) and have multiple talented employees who understand both the design aspect as well as the back end/coding world.”

We are so proud of everything Beth has accomplished and we are honored to be a part of her success story. If you are looking to step into a new business venture, give us a call today at 319.354.0019 for a free consult, or just head to our website by clicking the link in our bio!

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