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How Do I Know if My Website Design is Good?

How Do I Know if My Website Design is Good?

5 Elements of a Well-Designed Website.

Creating a website that is well-designed is one of the most important features of a business. Your website design is important for turning visitors into customers, whether you have an online store or a physical shop. Your website can help establish trust and credibility, and it can help form a good impression on website visitors.

A website becomes a lead-generating machine when all features are executed properly. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 design elements of a good website.

  1. Functional and Fast 

    The most important factor of a website is its functionality. The site users must be able to effectively navigate the site, interact with the features, and search the site efficiently. It is crucial that all elements are functioning properly.

    It is also necessary that your site loads as quickly as possible. Slow websites can drive users away and increase the bounce rate of your site.

  2. Explicit Calls-to-Action

    The ultimate goal of a website is to generate conversions. Good web design has clear and simple calls to action (CTAs) throughout the interface. From the home page, you want to make it as easy as possible for site visitors to follow your directions. Examples of effective calls to action: are “enter email”, “subscribe to our newsletter”, “add item to cart”, or “learn more”. 

    Well-designed CTA’s are eye-catching and include elements of color. The text is clear and easily locatable on the page. Nearly every landing page should have at least one CTA.

  3. User eXperience (UX)

    The goal of UX is to positively fulfill all the user’s needs when visiting a website. Knowing your target audience is key to an effective UX.

    What do your potential users want to see? What are they looking for? How can you give them what they want in the simplest and easiest way possible? 

    A visually pleasing and interactive site is good for UX. Keep up to date with the current popular design trends. Have a cohesive color palette to establish your brand.

    Be specific about the use of white space in the visual design. Include pictures, graphics, and other visual elements to break up text on your site. However, make sure not to overly saturate your site with these features. Too many images can be distracting and can increase the load time.

  4. Optimized for Mobile

    According to DataReportal, as of January 2023, 9 out of 10 internet users access the internet via a mobile device. Therefore, good website design crucially requires optimizing the website for mobile users. Responsive design refers to making all web pages render well on any screen. The high-quality design elements should look intentional and should be functional, especially on a mobile screen.

  5. Purposeful Content

    Every piece of content on your website should be purposeful and consistent. Including text is great for SEO, which will help lead your target audience to your site. Write copy that is interesting, concise, and valuable to your target audience.

    Blog posts boost website SEO and establish credibility as an information source. If you decide to pursue this content strategy, regularly update your blog with new, fresh, remarkable, and interesting content. To learn more about creating good quality content, give this blog a read.

    Having a well-designed website is crucial for every business. If you are looking to improve your current website or create a new site, give Vortex Digital a call at 319.354.0019 for a free no-obligation consultation.

5 Elements of a Well-Designed Website.

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