eCommerce Fraud Prevention – How to Protect Your Online Business

In today’s increasingly digitized world, identity fraud is becoming more prevalent. With new tactics being utilized every day, it can be tough for eCommerce merchants to stay vigilant and ahead of the game.

Thankfully, Website Magazine has written a handy list of tips for merchants to help prevent fraudulent orders from going through.

The Four main tips are:

  • Inspect Phone Orders Carefully
  • Beware Address Rerouting
  • Investigate Expedited Shipping When Shipping and Billing Addresses Differ
  • Carefully Examine Orders From High-Risk Countries

Inspect Phone Orders Carefully
According to Website Magazine, phone orders should be screened as carefully as possible for fraud. Due to there being no IP address or Device ID to check, stolen credit cards can easily be used for phone orders. Make sure that you have some alternate method to screen phone orders, or refuse them entirely.

Beware Address Rerouting
If a buyer requests an address reroute after the order is already made, it may be due to suspicious activity. This allows the fraudster to use the same billing and shipping address, making it appear legitimate, but changing the shipping address to their own after the order is made.

One possible solution according to Website Magazine is to require customers cancel and create a new order if they want to change the shipping address.

Investigate Expedited Shipping When Shipping and Billing Address Differ
One common technique of fraudsters is to order an item with a stolen credit card, and expedite the shipping so the goods will arrive before the cardholder notices any suspicious activity on their account.

Carefully Examine Orders From High-Risk Countries
If possible, it may be wise to not accept international orders at all to avoid possible dangerous transactions. Ultimately, it’s up to you!

Do you have any other tips on dealing with fraud?

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