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Facebook or Google Ads: Which Is Best For You?

Facebook or Google Ads: Which Is Best For You?

You have a beautiful new website and are ready to market it to your ideal clients.
The only issue?
How to do it….

The main two avenues of internet marketing today that we utilize are Facebook/Instagram Advertising and Google Ads. While both allow you to target your ideal client with custom advertising copy, the kind of marketing each platform performs can be split into the following two categories:

Interruption Based Marketing
The first is interruption based marketing, which is what Facebook Advertising falls into. With Facebook Advertising, you pick a demographic (age, gender, location) and psychographics (interests, buying habits, what pages they like), and those users are shown your ads. They aren’t actively searching for something related to your ad, but they could possibly be interested in your product.

This is similar to more traditional forms of advertising, such as TV, newspaper and radio. You aren’t watching that football game to see an ad for a new truck, but truck manufacturers know that many people that enjoy football are usually interested in trucks.


  • You can reach many people with a relatively small amount of money.
  • Very effective for getting your brand attention.
  • Targeted users are very likely to interact with the ad or follow the page.
  • Visuals aid in attracting prospects
  • There is no other marketing medium where you can target a demographic with such specificity.


  • As with more traditional interruption based marketing, users are unlikely to convert on the first contact. They’re on Facebook to interact with other people, not buy products.
  • Needs to be updated frequently, as users will get tired of seeing the same ads over and over again.
  • Reputation management is needed, as users are able to comment on Facebook ads.
Inbound Marketing

Google Ads fall into a separate category than Facebook Advertising called Inbound Marketing. Inbound marketing differs from interruption based marketing in that it focuses on drawing in visitors that are already interested in the product or services you are offering. In the case of Google Ads, they are already searching for information related to what your business offers, and your targeted ads are being delivered to them. People are actively seeking your product or service, unlike interruption based marketing.


  • ROI is higher than interruption based marketing as users are already showing interest in your product or service.
  • Ads can be more personalized, leading to higher conversion rates.
  • More predictable than interruption based marketing.
  • Helps organic rankings


    • More expensive than interruption based marketing.
    • Requires more attention and maintenance, as well as start up time.
    • Inherently ill-suited for some products and services that don’t yet have a market.
    • Users won’t be searching for something they don’t know exists.

Do you need help deciding which advertising avenue is best for your business?
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