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Making The Most Out of Your Google Ads Campaigns

Making The Most Out of Your Google Ads Campaigns

Google Ads is a very powerful platform, but also very daunting. There are so many different ways to track how people are interacting with your ads and who those people are, that it can be difficult to make sense of it all.

In this month’s Vortex Marketing Blog, we’ll highlight some slightly obscure sections of Google Ads to help you maximize your ROI (Return On Investment).

Search Terms
The first section can be found under the Keywords area. Search Terms contains keywords that users have searched for when interacting with your ad that aren’t on your keyword list. While Google looks at and matches your ads with your listed keywords, they also will show your ads if someone searches for a keyword Google believes is similar to yours.

The Search Terms section is a great way to find new keywords to add to your list, or to add to your negative keyword list (which we cover in an earlier blog post here). This can be accomplished right on the Search Terms screen, making it as easy as possible.

Auction Insights
Auction Insights can tell you who else is bidding on the keywords your targeting. This too is found in the Keywords section of Google Ads. Here you’ll find the impression share, average position and more information related to other websites bidding on the same keywords.

This information is useful to identify your competition, what kind of businesses they are, and how much they’re spending. It also helps gauge the overall competition for the keywords you’re bidding on.

Location Reports
Google Ads Reports are very powerful analytic tools, but they contains a lot of information to sift through. One of the most important and easiest to produce are the Location Reports.

Reports can be found at the top of the page. Click on it, then Predefined Reports, Locations, then User Location. Here you’ll find every user that has seen or clicked on your ad and where they’re from (state, city, county). This information is essential to discovering where your customers live, identifying new areas to target, and deciding which areas to drop if they aren’t performing well enough.

Be sure to return to the Vortex Marketing Blog for our next post, where we highlight more esoteric sections of Google Ads.

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