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Part 3: Making the Most Out of Your Google Ads Campaigns

Part 3: Making the Most Out of Your Google Ads Campaigns

Welcome back to Part 3 of our series, making the most of your Google Ads campaigns.
Like last month, we’ll be highlighting some of the slightly more obscure sections of Google Ads that help you make the most of your campaigns and maximize your ROI (Return On Investment).

Let’s get started!
If you get into your Google Ads and Analytics Account and follow along, this short dissertation will become a powerful tutorial.

Google Analytic Linking
Google Ads has some tracking features, but have you ever wanted to go more in depth with how your paid traffic interacts with your site? If you link your Ad account to your Analytics, you can!

This is done by clicking on Tools in the upper right when you’re on your Ad account page. Then, click on linked accounts. Click on Details under Analytics, scroll to the Google Analytics property you would like to link to this account, click link, and that’s it on the Ads side.

To view the information on Google Analytics, navigate to Acquisition, then Google Ads. This is where all the information is collected. Also, under sources, you’ll now be able to see paid traffic.

Like the rest of Google Analytics, you can dive as deeply as you want into this new information, but having even the baseline source of where the traffic comes from is indispensable.

Change History
Have you ever wished there was an undo button in Google Ads? Well there is!

The Change History shows all changes that have been made to your account, all the way back to when it was created. It can be found in the left sidebar, second from the bottom.

Here you can see what changes were made, when they were made, what campaign and ad group the change was made in, and who made it. If you have someone else working on your Ad account, who made the changes can be very useful. You can also filter changes by category, such as ad, keyword, account, status and more.

If the change was made in the last 30 days, you can simply hit undo and the change will be reversed.

Be sure to return to the Vortex Marketing Blog for our next post, where we highlight additional lesser known sections of Google Ads.

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