Who is Really Using Your Site? Learn to Identify Your Audience

Who Is Really Using Your Site? Part Two

Who Is Really Using Your Site? Part Two

In Part 1 we discussed the importance of using Google Analytics and Geolocation to view where online traffic for our website is coming from. Google is generating 40,000 searches every second. For efficient and effective digital marketing, it’s important to know where your audience is.

In Part 2 we will discuss what an ideal example would look like and how to strategically implement and effectively use Google Analytics in conjunction with a Google Ads campaign.

Let us say you own a successful bicycle shop in Downtown, Iowa City however you  want to sell bicycles online. You’ve been advertising heavily on BMX Today Online Magazine and finally feel like you have a steady flow of visitors and sales to your website… however, you want to find out exactly where your online customers are located. By using Google Analytics, we are able to narrow it down to specific cities that your web traffic is coming from. 

After logging into your Google Analytics account, navigate to the location tab (Geo>Location) where you will find that Texas is your second largest traffic source.
Utilizing your Google Analytics skills you can also see how your Texas visitors spent their time on your website, this is called behavior in Google Analytics

Google Analytics can also be set up to record when specific events are triggered.

Luckily, your eCommerce website tracks what kind of bikes are being sold. Upon analysis you find that off-road and mountain bikes are very popular in Texas.
After some research, you see that the BMX National Championship event is going to take place in Houston in May. 

In just a few clicks, you have a solid foundation on how to refine your marketing efforts and begin driving up sales, as you believe that the BMX event will further stimulate the online market for your bicycles. 

Next you create a Google Ads and Facebook campaign based around the big BMX National Championship event in Houston.  Three months before the event, you increase your advertising spend and create targeted ads just for Texas.

As the buzz in Texas builds around BMX bikes due to the National BMX Championship, you notice an increasing number of bikes being bought in Houston until well after the actual championship. Your research and planning worked out great and your sales from the Houston area skyrocketed around the event. 

This is an ideal marketing campaign.
However, here at Vortex, we say, “Everything in marketing is an experiment until it works.”  We embrace adaptability in our fast-paced digital age and pay close attention to what the data is showing us, so we can respond quickly and appropriately. Digital Marketing is such an exciting but complicated endeavor because it is never stagnant. 

Vortex Business Solutions offers business acceleration consulting as well as digital marketing, analog marketing, targeted advertising, and SEO/SEM management to help our clients acquire more business smarter and strategically utilizing the tools

available to us today.

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