Fintech and the Importance of Adapting New Technology

Fintech and the importance of adapting to new technology

Fintech and the importance of adapting to new technology

It’s no secret that technology has transformed the way every business operates – the marketing and website development professionals at Vortex Business Digital Solutions know the realities of an ever-changing media landscape, and are continuously discerning emerging fields and mediums.

One such burgeoning area of business, fintech (financial technology,) has turned the financial service industry on its head. Over the last few years, with the emergence of numerous fintech startups, customers now have the ability to invest, make payments, and even acquire loans with the click of a button. 

Financial technology companies are generally characterized as groups that incorporate technological advancements into previously-existing monetary best practices. This facet of interconnectedness is especially appealing to younger customers, who prefer online solutions to traditional, brick-and-mortar businesses.

This boon in financial technology has coincided with the proliferation of big data and analytics across a variety of different fields. These advancements allow business owners and back-end professionals such as marketers to successfully segment customers and aggregate data points to find better financing for a loan (as an example.) 

Utilizing analytics, which has been a critical function of Vortex’s approach to website development for years, allows companies to obtain better positioning on search engines, which not only drives more traffic to a website but also increases the awareness of any given group.

Vortex has already worked with two fintech groups, Wildermuth Wealth and Kalos Financial, to create state-of-the-art websites for their investor tools and innovative approach to customer-facing wealth management. Kalos, for example, was established in 2004 and has cemented itself as an industry innovator that pioneered the endowment investor model.

Although the world of fintech is relatively new, the applications of analytics, big data, and technologically-bolstered financial tools are endless. Loan origination and underwriting, for example, used to be lengthy and complicated processes. Now, with the assistance of fintech, established and up-and-coming groups alike are simplifying the process, which creates ease-of-use on the borrower and lender side.

Technological advancements, naturally, are not limited to the financial realm. As important as it is to stay on top of developments in fintech, Vortex is perpetually surveying the digital sphere for the latest in design, interactivity, and multimedia integration.

The ever-changing technology landscape can be difficult to navigate, but Team Vortex has your back. Learn how your business could be our next success story by visiting or calling 319-354-0019 for a free consultation today.

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