How to Improve Your SEO Campaigns with an Editorial Calendar

Jumpstart Your 2024 Content Marketing Campaigns With an Editorial Calendar

Jumpstart Your 2024 Content Marketing Campaigns With an Editorial Calendar

One of Vortex Digital’s guiding marketing principles is that when we succeed, it isn’t because we did one thing right, it is because we did hundreds of little things right!  While this is true for all marketing channels, it is most relevant to SEO marketing (also known as SEM). With so many different factors at play for establishing and maintaining a healthy SEO campaign, it can feel a bit daunting to get started. As we enter a new year, now is a great time to take the first step: creating an editorial calendar.

What is an Editorial Calendar?
An editorial calendar is a visualized plan for the content that you plan to release. We usually recommend planning out at least a year’s worth of content for your website or social media platforms.

Things on your editorial calendar can include blog articles, social media posts, marketing emails, print media, and any other ideas to market your business.

The format can be anything that works for you. It could simply be a giant piece of paper that you keep near your desk, a spreadsheet with dates and goals, or a calendar/visualization software. The format itself doesn’t matter as much as the planning that goes into it.

How Will an Editorial Calendar Help Me?
One of the biggest obstacles we see small businesses contend with is consistently releasing scheduled marketing content. When Google crawls your website, they love to see new content being released on a recurring basis.

With an editorial calendar, you can set the roadmap for the upcoming year as far as topics to promote and the channels you want to feature it on. This means that the first, and sometimes hardest step, for your content creation is already completed!

Keeping a consistent content release schedule is sometimes the toughest part of an ongoing SEO, SEM, content and social media marketing campaign for a small business. With an editorial calendar, you will be able to plan out the upcoming year, and provide an effective foundation for your goals.

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