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What Is Bounce Rate? Part 3

What Is Bounce Rate? Part 3

In last week’s Vortex Business Solutions Marketing Blog Post, we talked about how a confusing layout or design can negatively impact a website’s Bounce Rate. Today, we’re moving on to the next factor: Poor SEO and Meta-Tags.

But first let’s quickly go over again what Bounce Rate is.

Quick Refresher

A bounce is when a user comes to your website, and leaves without visiting another page or clicking a link. Thus, a Bounce Rate is the percentage of visitors that bounced.

However, the process of getting users to stay on your site actually starts before visitors land on your site at all.

Poor Meta Tags/SEO

How do meta-tags and SEO affect your Bounce Rate? Well, your meta-tags act like a billboard, attempting to attract search engine users to your site. If your meta-tags say one thing but your website says another, it can leave users confused.

Say you own a shoe store that specializes in boots: hiking boots, work boots, snow boots, lots of boots. But, your meta data is something akin to “We have the greatest deals on shoes in the city!”

People may come to your site by searching for “tennis shoes” or “dress shoes.” These users will most certainly leave once they reach your website and realize it’s all about boots.

This lack of specificity can lead to users bouncing by not receiving what they expected when clicking on your page.

The solution? Be as specific as you can when writing your meta-tags! If you accurately describe what your site is.about, you will attract users who will be more interested in purchasing or browsing., and as a plus, Google will reward you with a higher organic ranking as well.

If you don’t think your design is confusing or contributing to your high Bounce Rate, check your meta-tags and make sure they’re properly conveying what your website is about.

Check back next week for the conclusion of our Bounce Rate series! In the meantime, be sure to check that your meta-tags are in accordance with today’s best practices.

And if you have any questions regarding Google Analytics, SEO, or Bounce Rate, call Vortex Business Solutions at 319.354.0019, visit www.vortexbusinesssolutions.com, or email us at office@vortexbusinesssolutions.com.

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