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What Is Bounce Rate? Part 4 + A Free Offer!

What Is Bounce Rate? Part 4 + A Free Offer!

In last week’s Vortex Business Solutions blog post, we covered how vague meta-tags can drive up your site’s Bounce Rate. This week, I’ll be concluding our Bounce Rate series with a fourth and final factor: an Improperly Configured Google Analytics Code. But first, a quick review!

Quick Refresher
A bounce is when a user comes to your website, and leaves without visiting another page or clicking a link. Thus, a Bounce Rate is the percentage of visitors that bounced.

If you’ve thoroughly looked into the first three factors and still notice a higher than desirable Bounce Rate, then this fourth factor may be the culprit.

Improperly Configured Google Analytics
Problems with improperly set up Google Analytics settings seem to pop up all the time, but that only speaks to how important it is to properly set up your account. This problem mostly pops up on multi-page sites, but can also occur on single page sites.

On multiple page sites, make sure that your GA code is active on every page of your site, and not just your home page or landing page. A user could not click on the Call to Action on your home page, but instead thoroughly peruse the rest of your site. But, since the code is only active on the home page, Google Analytics registers the user as never leaving the home page. This would result in a bounce.

If you use WordPress as your CMS, you can get plugins like Google Analytics by Yoast that automatically place your GA code in the header of every page on your site, simplifying the process. Every site produced by Vortex Business Solutions has its GA code properly set up to run on every page, ensuring that all of the information is recorded!

On single page sites, if you don’t have Events set up correctly, almost every visit may end up as a Bounce. A Google Analytics Event is an action defined by the GA Report Owner, such as clicking on a video, registering an email, or initiating a pop-up. Events help determine what users are actually doing when they land on your site, so make sure to use them and implement them properly! Too many events also can lead to an inaccurate Bounce Rate, so make sure you’re only tracking the events that matter.

Make sure your GA code is up to date and executing properly on page load. Otherwise, this can lead to problems, not only with Bounce Rate, but in gathering other information.

And thus our Bounce Rate series has reached its end, thank you for your attention!

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