Why You Should Be Looking at Your Website Analytics

Why You Should Be Looking At Your Website Analytics

Why You Should Be Looking At Your Website Analytics

What are Website Analytics

Website analytics allow users to analyze website traffic data. It can give you insights into how well your website is performing and allow you to dive deeper into who is visiting your site and what content they are engaging with. By tracking the analytics associated with your business website, you will have the potential to boost sales and target your marketing campaigns.

Why Google Analytics

One of the top metrics tools in the industry is Google Analytics. It’s free to use and offers a user friendly experience that is easy to navigate. It offers the ability to build your own custom reports that fit your business’s needs.

What To Look For in the Data

There is a wide variety of data that Google is able to track. The information you can discover ranges from demographics about the users, keywords, bounce rates for specific web pages, the type of platform the user is on (mobile versus desktop), the number of overall page views, and much more. Looking for patterns within the data may prove useful for finding insights about your website, such as if you have a high bounce rate percentage on your home page, perhaps users are not engaging with the content enough to continue to search on the site or complete a conversion for your business.

For more information, check out our upcoming Marketing Minute Video Series on Google Analytics or call the office to schedule a free consultation to discuss how we can help you reach your target audience!

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