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How to Stay Relevant Online

How to Stay Relevant Online

It takes more than posting standard advertisements and creating quality content to stay relevant in today’s rapidly changing social media market. As the internet has become an essential tool in our professional lives and a venue for entertainment in our personal lives, business and pleasure have become intertwined online. As a result, people desire more from the businesses they choose to interact with: they want to see them as human. To stay relevant it is important to develop an online personality. 

Utilize your comment section:
There are many ways to go about achieving an online personality, regardless of the size of your business. Start by interacting in the comment section of your social media posts. People want to feel acknowledged and connect.  Messaging back and forth in the comment section with individuals who are already interested in your company can help you foster an existing lead and turn it into a professional long term relationship.

Challenge yourself to respond to yes or no questions with additional sentiments that allow your followers to feel they are appreciated by your business. Staying on top of comments by responding in a genuine or fun manner is the first step in taking your business from an impersonal account to an personable business that individuals will want to interact with and be drawn to.

It is also important to message people back because anyone visiting your page can view these comments.  The way you treat and respond to current followers may determine whether or not other users will choose to interact and do business with you. In the modern day, the comment section is the new review platform. Luckily, you get to show your audience a curated version of your business to promote your desired brand image.

Post about current topics:
Another way to build your online personality is by posting about current topics and making them relevant to your business. We all spend more time on social media than we’d like to admit. As a result, we see each person’s reaction in the form of a post to everything from breaking news to holidays. Be it your friend, your cousin Ed, or your grandma, everyone has something to say about the most current events and it’s all sitting on your timeline. 

More recently, businesses are choosing to join in by sharing their own take on current events regarding productivity, motivation, and team member safety, and they’re getting a positive response. A simple example is a dentist sending out an email wishing their client a Happy Birthday filled with lots of smiles. A more strategic example is Wendy’s tweeting out an offer for free chicken nuggets as a sign of support during COVID-19. As they stated “We could all use a GroupNug.”

The point is, there is no gesture on social media that is too small. Speaking on current events in a professional way can further develop your online personality and can show your clients you are not just a business, you’re an entity that lives and breathes as they do, and you’re right there with them through the ups and downs.

Use Stories:
Another way to develop your online personality is by using Stories.  Almost every social media platform has incorporated this on their site, thus giving you the option to post on whichever platform you prefer.  Stories are a collection of personalized photos and videos you add to your online “story.” They are viewable to the public for a 24-hour period and are fully customizable. Many businesses have utilized this function as a way to showcase new products, capture behind the scenes footage of their businesses, or simply as another outlet to talk to their followers in a more personalized manner. Followers are able to directly reply to any of your stories that are live, giving them a direct and personalized way to connect with you.