Google's Link Spam Update: What You Need To Know - Dec 2022

December 2022 Google Update: Link Spam and What You Need to Know

December 2022 Google Update: Link Spam and What You Need to Know

Last week, Google made one last update to its search algorithm before the new year. Even though the content update is still rolling out and not in effect for some users, they are moving right along with their Link Spam update! In this month’s Vortex Marketing Blog, we will go over what this update entails and how it will affect your website.

What is Link Spam?
First, what is link spam, and why is Google’s new update targeting it? According to Google, “when links are obtained primarily for artificial manipulation of search rankings, that is called link spam.”

This includes buying or selling links with other websites, using automated programs to generate more links pointing to your website, stuffing links in the footer of your pages, undisclosed advertorials or native advertising, and more.

Link spam has often been looked at as a black hat SEO technique since the dawn of search engines, and while Google has become more effective over the years at identifying and penalizing websites using this technique, their new AI-assisted software, called SpamBrain, hopes to quash this problem further.

Google claims SpamBrain has the ability to detect spam directly on websites that are using link spam, and also websites that sell or provide services to facilitate link spam.

How Will This Affect Your Website?
Like all Google updates, search rankings for the next few weeks may fluctuate as the new features roll out to all users.

Once the update is in place, however, as long as you aren’t participating in these shady SEO practices, you should not notice an impact on your search rankings. If anything, they will improve if your competitors are partaking in link spam, so it’s another reason to keep your marketing above board!

Google claims that SpamBrain is sophisticated enough to minimize false positives, and ensure that websites utilizing honest SEO techniques have nothing to worry about.

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